My name is Emily & I am happily married and living in Southern California with my husband Adam. We have two beautiful boys - Chico + Ozzy. We own our own health + wellness practice and we are lucky enough to get to stay home every single day with our boys and live a life of purpose.


My blogging career started at the beginning of my pregnancy. My original blog - 9 Months of Style was started out of sheer frustration one night. I tried Googling “Maternity Style Blogs,” “Maternity Fashion,” and everything close & in-between and couldn't find ANYTHING that was even close to what I consider to be fashionable or cool. I don’t think I’m that unique or different - just your typical LA native (tattoos, leggings, rocker tees, skinny jeans, cardigans, over-sized tanks, ombre hair & lots of accessories). 

Now that the first 9 months are complete, my post-pregnancy/mama life begins and with that, it seemed only appropriate to start anew.