Summer of the Mama!

IMG_7006 Summers aren't my thing. 1/3 or more of my childhood was spent living in the desert and perhaps that has to do with my aversion to all things "hot." I yearn for Fall, Chilly Autumn Days and even real Winter. I love bundling up, layering, hats and scarves - you name it. I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant and would only be early 2nd trimester pregnant during last summer. Los Angeles summers aren't just too hot but also sticky and humid.

And for a girl who already runs hot it's just not fun to walk around sphitzing all day! I was concerned about how the Summer would be with the baby. As much as I love the closeness of nursing I worried if we would just be two big sticky balls of heat stuck together from June-September (because let's face it, September can sometimes be hotter then August!). I am happy to report this Summer hasn't been nearly as bad as last year, but I just thought I'd mention a few fashion tips that have really worked for me this Summer now that I'm a Mama.

IMG_7007My new favorite top to wear during the Summer are big T-shirts with the arms cut out. Nothing ground breaking, but here's why I've found them to be my Summer staple.

1) They are like huge air vents and I'm totally catching the breeze! Tight tee and tanks are NOT where it's at when it's hot.

2) Breastfeeding is a breeze! Pull that shit to the side and BAM! Boobs out and ready to go. No need to worry about exposing your belly to the world when you pull your shirt up and it's super discrete!

I cut a few tee shirts I already had - a Minor Threat tee and a 2Pac tee, but you could always get some cheap plain men's shirts from Target and do the same thing. Make sure you cut lower then just the armholes or all you will have is a muscle tee. We are going for more of a 80's glam/punk kind of thing.

Might I also suggest you wear sassy nursing bra's for a nice kick of color or pattern. Wearing a plain flesh color or white nursing bra wouldn't really give you the look we're going for here - which is "Yes, I know, my bra and sides are exposed," not, "Oh crap this shirt is too big and I have a frumpy nursing bra on."

Target is fabulous for stylie nursing bras - here a two of my favorites by Gilligan & O'Malley!

dot stripeIMG_7013"Here's looking at you Mama!"

The second item is the hair turban. I have jokingly dubbed this - the Summer of the Turban and here's why...

As a new Mama I'm lucky to find time to wash and brush my hair. It's sad but true. How sick am I of ponytails or buns using my handy dandy Spin Pins?! Urgh.

Then the turban walked into my life and I heard angels singing.

Okay not really, but it's a great way to spruce up a pony tail or bun as well as a fab way to hide dirty hair. I have purchased a few different turbans from Etsy but you can also make them yourself without even needing a sewing machine! Google it. You'll be glad you did!



Headed to a Wedding (only 2 months Post Partum - EEK!)

hm This weekend my little family will be headed to Las Vegas for my Brother-in-law's wedding. It is going to be a weekend of many "firsts!" Chico's first road trip, my first time having to be sort of "fancy" since having Chico, and the first time everyone really gets a chance to meet Chico - because the little bugger is finally safely immunized and can fend off germs now!

Finding things to wear for the weekend has given me a bit of anxiety because there are so many things to consider! I'm definitely not at my "fighting" weight and still am pretty soft around the middle. I am also exclusively breast feeding, which means that whatever I wear - Chico must have easy access to his food source. Since I have had him, I have pretty much been living in nursing tanks and wrapping my head around putting together a cute outfit feels really foreign. I also want to be comfortable to an extent because I'll be holding the baby during the wedding, reception, etc - so fabric can't be easily stained, show sweat or drool and needs to move with me.

There are two occasions over the weekend that I will have to dress up for - one is a dinner on Friday before the wedding and then the wedding itself. I have decided to wear this H&M dress from their "Conscious" collection which means that it is made from 100% recycled materials - in this case, polyester. I actually don't like the length on the model (too short!) but on me the length is exactly how I like it - it brushes the ground and has a slight train that looks really elegant without being too fancy. It also has a neckline that will allow for me to feed the baby without having to take the entire dress off! It comes in at the waist in a way that shows my shape without feeling like I have to suck in. I'm going to actually throw a belt around it to accentuate the waist.

For the wedding I am pulling an older piece from my closet. It's a Marc Jacobs dress and the only picture I can find of it is this one of my husband and I from before we were married.


Ah youth.

As you can see - this one also has a great neckline for breastfeeding. As far as shoes go I am going to just go comfy and sport some really cute Xileration sandals from Target. As cute as heels might be, I don't want to be miserable half way through the wedding with a baby in tow. I feel like that might be challenging enough as it is and I'd rather focus on Chico as opposed to trying not to eat shit in heels. Plus it's Vegas - it's gonna be hot and you really won't see my feet with the length of the dresses.

It should be an adventure for sure - just hoping we survive the car ride there!


Maternity Jeans and Shorts 50% off!

Check out my Poshmark closet HERE. I'm selling some maternity items that I don't need anymore. Great deal for those of you who are in need of some staple items for your journey through the trimesters!!

Shopping 3 Weeks Post-Baby

Found the cutest blouse today at H&M that was on sale for $15. I usually wear a size 8 or 10. They only had size 14 so I tried it on... Or wait - I attempted to try it on ... And couldn't get it over my boobs. Meanwhile my husband was standing there, hysterically laughing and saying, "That's so awesome!!" over and over.

Thanks breastfeeding. Holy shit.

So instead we bought the baby some leggings. Ces't la vie.

My Baby Bump on Spearmint Baby!!

35 weeks 25 weeks If you haven't ever checked out Spearmint Baby you HAVE to! It's a great site for Bump Stories, Birth Stories, Nursery Inspiration and DIY ideas! My bump was lucky enough to be chosen to be featured under their "Show Your Bump" section - so exciting!! Check it out and everything else this wonderful site has to offer!