photo 1 I had heard a lot about The Honest Company - Jessica Alba's eco-friendly company that sells baby products, bath products and cleaning products. I didn't really give the line a second thought due to the fact that she's a celebrity. Unlike most consumers who are attracted to products endorsed by celebs, I am sort of the polar opposite. I feel like they have more to prove being a celeb and this is why I brushed The Honest Co. off, despite the fact that am the type of consumer who would buy organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic when at all possible.

Upon doing more research I learned that you can order sample packs of certain products before committing to purchasing the monthly bundles or larger bundles of products. I ordered one sample pack that included - detergent, body and shampoo combo, lotion, hand soap, and healing balm. The other sample pack that I ordered was the diaper sample kit which included a small pack of their hypoallergenic wipes and six diapers. The diapers were what I was really excited to try. The website boasts that they are: non-toxic, chlorine free, plant based, contain a corn/wheat based absorbent core and the best part - they come in adorable prints (see picture above of the "boy" sample prints).

I was concerned that they might have sacrificed cute prints for a lower quality diaper, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. In the past 3 weeks since I've been in this baby game - we have used some Huggies New Born that we got as a shower gift as well as Pampers Swaddlers. The Huggies were good because there was a cut out for the umbilical chord but I wasn't crazy about the fit around the legs. I love Pampers Swaddlers. Not only are they the softest things ever, but they hold large amounts of pee and poo and the best part is this blue line that appears indicating that your baby has wet the Pamper. May sound trivial but when you are running on 2 hours sleep and you can just look at the diaper versus taking it off to check - it feels like the best invention since electricity.

So back to the Honest Diapers. At first I was concerned because they seem really thin, but he has done his bizz in them and no blow outs or leaks. I like the fact that they aren't bulky and feel like they'd probably good to ward against diaper rash because of the almost cloth diaper consistency.

We currently have plenty of size 1 Pampers, so I have time to decide whether we will switch to Honest Diapers and just get them shipped monthly. The site states thatt their diapers break down to about $20 a week for diapers and wipes.

IF you are interested in a price comparison to your normal diaper choice click HERE.

If you like Honest products I'd love to hear from you. If you haven't - Try Honest for yourself by clicking HERE and signing up. If you do I'll get $20 credit and then you can do the same with your pals!


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