Saturday Afternoon Adventures

20130818-002159.jpgSaturdays are Adam's Fridays, so when he gets home on Saturday afternoons we usually try to do something fun and get out of the house. I thought today might be a wash because Chico has been suffering from a case of serious teething that has been going on for over a month now. He was crying all day and it seemed like I couldn't do anything to make him feel better. Luckily Adam suggested we go somewhere to distract Chico and it ended up being a really good idea. 20130818-003729.jpgFirst we hit up Cielito Lindo for some taquitos at Olvera Street. It's our favorite spot to eat there - hits the spot sometimes like nothing else will.


20130818-003741.jpgPoor Chico. You can tell he doesn't feel great, but this was a vast improvement from how he was at home all day. He loves being outside and has always been a "people watcher," since infancy.

20130818-002250.jpgNext we went to Little Tokyo to walk around and shop. I forgot it was Nisei Week so it was really crowded with interesting characters, vendors and music. Several different people stopped us to ask about our Sakura Bloom sling and to tell us how happy Chico looked in it. We always get a lot of attention wherever we go with Chico in his sling.

20130818-002237.jpgChecking out the paper lanterns hanging up in the marketplace. Chico is fascinated by balloons and I think he thought he'd discovered a new breed of balloons made out of paper!

20130818-002302.jpgYummy coffee was had at Cafe Dulce. They sell Stumptown Coffee there so we bought a bag. Can't wait to have some in the morning! It was a fun afternoon. I love my little family. We always have the best time enjoying the little things in life.

Porch Living.

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We spent the early evening on the porch as a family - watering the lawn, reading to Chico, trying new holds in the Ergo and watching YouTube videos of Cheeks from his birth and first few weeks of life. I really am living the dream. I am so unbelievably grateful for the life that we are living. I can't wait for summer nights spent as a family on the front porch, which is saying a lot because if you know me, you know that I hate summer.
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We have plans to up our porch game with some new furniture.  Martha Stewart's line of products for Home Depot is really off the chain. The first few weeks Chico was born we used to walk to Home Depot and just sit in the different patio furniture. It was our way of feeling like we were getting out of the house but still relaxing. :)
I can't wait to lounge in these!!
love seat seat
Here's to summer nights!
Check out this silly little video I took of my two favorite people. It was supposed to capture a loving moment between Papa and Son, but Chico decided to surprise Adam...

Can a "flashback" be only 6 months ago?

Screw it - it feels like 6 years ago! Here's some ridiculous photos from a fun day we spent with our pals John & Gaelyn back when I was about 7 months pregnant with Chico. We went to our favorite Japanese Photobooth spot for shits and giggles. I like the shot where Gaelyn is making fun of me and holding her belly. Why? Because now she is 7 months pregnant with her own little boy! SUCKER!


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My Birth Story in Words & Photos.

Well, here he is - the little boy I've been waiting for... top birth story

My son Chico was born today. I had my first contraction at 5 pm on February 5th as my husband and I were headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner. Active labor kicked in around 10 pm and I knew things were moving along. I asked my husband to call our Doula at 11 pm and we all headed to the hospital around 12 am February 5th.

We arrived at the hospital and the nurse told me I was only 1 cm dilated (which I immediately retorted - "That's nice - I'm going to push anyway."). About ten minutes later I was fully dilated, my water broke and they were pushing me into the birthing room.

I was informed there was no time for an epidural and I guess I said, "It's OK - I'll wait!" (no recollection of all the crazy stuff I said), but it was too late and they barely had time to give me an IV of fluids. I was aiming for natural child birth but once my contractions started getting intense I quickly changed my mind - unfortunately my body had other plans...

I pushed for 20 minutes.

I screamed, I couldn't keep my eyes open, I couldn't push for more than a few seconds at a time let alone to the count of 10, and I couldn't hold onto my legs or put my chin to my chest. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain I felt. It almost felt like an out of body experience.

Nothing could have prepared me for a lot of things I felt that night...

The love, awe and amazement I felt when it was over and my son was placed on my chest and he looked right at me? Whoa.


Watching my husband hold our son for the first time? Whoa.


Complete and utter disbelief that my body is capable of going through such an amazing feat and coming out the other side? Whoa.


I stayed in the hospital for less than 24 hours. I wanted to get out of there and get home where I could rest. I couldn't sleep the whole time I was there because my body was running on this crazy high of hormones, adrenaline and sheer love. I also couldn't stop staring at my baby.

Things at home are nice. We don't sleep much now around here but my husband and I are a wonderful team - between me feeding him and my husband turning into the fastest diaper changer in the world we have a great system. Our relationship is strengthened by the love we share for this beautiful baby we created as well as the admiration we feel for each other.

Thank you all for following my journey! That's all for now because Baby Chico needs to eat his dinner!