Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday Okay so the new thing is #transformationtuesday I guess?! Heaven forbid I miss out on the latest trend that's rocking Instagram! On the left is me at 37 weeks pregnant and probably 45-50 lb heavier. I had Chico less than a week later. On the right is me today, almost 8 months post baby. Women's bodies are amazing and capable of incredible feats! That being said- I wouldn't have ever been able to look like this without changing my health habits and diet. I never thought I could look like this again, seriously. I haven't weighed this much since college! I feel wonderful and want other mamas to feel the same. It's possible. I swear!!!

P.S. Sassy Zebra Nursing Bra from Target - gotta love Gillian O'Malley!

Post Pregnancy Workout Fun!

Tracy Anderson We just got back from a short trip to Vegas and it feels so good to be home! Traveling with a newborn is not for the faint of heart. Chico did great for a first timer, but we are dead tired. I got a lot of fun stuff in the mail but the thing I'm most excited is this DVD I ordered. It's Tracy Anderson - trainer of the celebrities - Post Pregnancy Work out DVD.

I tend to do really well with workout DVD's because I can do them any time of the day or night, I don't have to "get ready" to go to the gym or any other excuses. I got really into Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred before I got pregnant, but that seems way too intense to start out with. During my pregnancy I also used a really cool Gaim Prenatal Yoga DVD that was broken down per trimester. Super helpful.

I'm really itching to get rid of/do something about my soft middle section. Adam keeps reminding me that it's only been two and a half months since I had Chico, but I'm way harder on myself.

Has anyone else tried this DVD? It had a ton of good reviews on Amazon. Okay - back to catching up on all of our DVR'd television programs!