Adventures in Breastfeeding - Guest Blog

cue pics028 I had the wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog for Jill over at Goodnight Mush - HERE about "Adventures in Breastfeeding." Breast feeding has become such a huge part of my every day since having Chico and it's something I am incredibly passionate about. I hope you go over and have a look at it. It was such cool thing to be able to sit down and reflect on what early breastfeeding was like and how I couldn't have done it without the constant support of my husband.

When we brought Chico home from the hospital we were both really adamant about doing things ourselves and not having our moms (or anyone for that matter) come over to help us with the baby. My mom brought food but we didn't have hands on help (not for lack of offering). Adam and I both felt very strongly that we wanted that "Golden Hour" to last for as long as possible.

I am so glad we did this because it brought us so close together as a married couple and as a parenting team. There's something to be said for only having each other to lean on - by choice.

Just feeling grateful for what my husband and I have created and the life we are living.

Here's some silly pictures we took at Cue Studios yesterday to go with my blog.

"Happy Boobs, Happy Babies!" -Adam

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Code Word Boobie

20130813-083938.jpgChico is at the age where when he wants to nurse he grabs onto my bra strap and yanks.

Adam and I were laughing about how forceful he is about the whole thing and we started discussing what we should "call" nursing so that when Chico is more verbal he can ask to nurse. I would prefer he have a word for it then just yanking on my boob in public. Simple table manners right? :)

We call it "nippen" now but I'm not really sure that's something I would want Chico screaming when we are at the mall.

My other thought was to teach him the sign for "milk" this way he can "show" me. Which reminds me- will someone buy "Baby Signing Times" for Chico? Haha...

And so I'm asking...what does your family call breastfeeding? What word does your child use? Would love to hear!!