From Therapist to Health & Wellness Coach - Celebrating 2 years Later

It’s been over 2 yrs since Adam and I started our journey to health. We had just had our first son Chico and things were really out of control. We ate out a lot, made really poor choices when we did, were tired ALL the time and our self-esteems were at an all time low. Every night after dinner meant sitting on the couch, one of us running to 7-11 to get ice cream or chips (or both). Bad days meant treating ourselves with food and good days meant celebrating with food. 

 I was still in maternity clothes almost 6 months after having my son and I started to avoid hanging out with friends and being social because getting dressed was always a reminder of how much I didn’t feel like “me” anymore. I kept my feelings to myself because I felt that admitting them would sound like I was ungrateful for what my body had just accomplished in creating and giving birth to our son and as a feminist I felt conflicted. I remember the night Adam came to me and said he was sick of being over 200 lbs and that he felt in his words - "disgusting." It was then that I realized it wasn't ungrateful or anti-feminist to want to be the best version of myself and that it was more important for my son to have a mother who was happy, confidant and most importantly physically HEALTHY and strong! 

We both realized something needed to change but didn’t know where to start. Thank GOODNESS we found this program that worked for us both - I did my own version that was designed especially for nursing mothers because that was of the utmost importance to me. We really came together in the kitchen and our relationship grew even stronger. Within 4 months we were at our goal weight and dropped over 90lbs between us. And it was actually really simple and structured - which was exactly what we both needed. Something we could stick to for more than a few weeks...

I had far surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight (which was my initial goal) and now weighed what I did when I graduated from high school (15 yrs ago). Our lives were so changed by reclaiming our lives that we decided to become certified health and wellness coaches ourselves. This was all while I was on maternity leave from my job at a non-profit as a therapist. Although my dream was to stay home with my son I didn't think that was realistic or possible with our bills and cost of living in Los Angeles. Then I figured - What do I have to lose? So I went for it - and within one and a half months I was making what I made at my full time job. I was stunned. After 6 years of university I was making enough to stay home and not even working part-time!  

It has been two years since I took the plunge to help others as a health coach and I am happy to say that Adam and I both left our full time careers in order to come home, be with our sons (and each other) and help people find their health and happiness too. We believe that work should fit around your life and not the other way around. Who knew all of this would happen from being sick and tired?

So here's to the most transformative two years I have ever experienced. I have stretched myself in ways I never could have imagined, my marriage rocks and we welcomed our second son, Ozzy into the world last month. To be able to enjoy him and not have a constant knot in my stomach that I have to go back to work is incredible. 


If you know ANYONE who could benefit from integrating health into their lives please don’t hesitate to reach out - it’s what we do - and we love it! & follow us on Instagram #GetFitWithFlores

Breadless Breadsticks!

20131203-205946.jpgI made these awesome "breadsticks" tonight with dinner and it was so easy I thought I would share with you. 


Cauliflower, Egg Beaters, Reduced Fat Mozzarella


Preheat oven to 350. 

Mix 1 cup of grated raw cauliflower with 1/4 cup of egg beaters and half a cup of mozzarella in a bowl. Line a 9 x13 loaf pan with parchment and lightly spray with Pam. Pour mixture into pan about 1 -1/2 inch deep. (It is okay if the mixture does not cover the entire pan). Bake at 350 for 30 min or until set. Lift the edges of the parchment and place bread with parchment on to cookie sheet. Carefully use a spatula to lift the edges of the dough off the parchment and flip the dough. Bake for an additional 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Take out of oven and with a pizza cutter, slice strips through set dough. Separate slightly. Sprinkle with garlic salt, Italian seasonings and 1 oz or 1/4 cup 2% reduced fat mozzarella or three cheese blend. Continue baking at 450 degrees for about 10 more minutes until cheese is melted. 

We had it with soup but you can have it with marinara sauce too!



Size Medium?! You're joking!!

20131115-134330.jpg I post this very "un-Emily" picture (I am not one to show the world my bod) for a few reasons:

1) I am wearing a pair of Medium yoga pants. Pre-pregnancy I had always been a Large. As a tall girl who was never stick skinny past the age of 14, I just figured Large was gonna be my "forever size." Guess not!

2) In my journey to lose weight and get fit I have not worked out ONCE yet I'm seeing tone and definition like I never had before (and I was a ballerina my whole life who also did sports in high school)!  Remember, this is AFTER gaining 50-ish lbs during my pregnancy!!!

Ladies I want you to know that it is possible to get your body back after pregnancy. It is also completely possible to have an even BETTER body afterward too! All of this without killing yourself at the gym - because you have time for that right moms?! Haha...keep striving for health everyone! It's SO worth it!!



Get Fit With Flores


What a Difference 4 Months Makes!

20131106-205150.jpgI said it before and I'll say it again - I NEVER EVER planned to show anyone but my health coach my "before" pictures. I was so ashamed of how big I was and embarrassed how my clothes fit. When I started my journey to health I was 4 months post-baby and everyone told me I should just relax and not to worry - that the weight would come off eventually. But I wasn't willing to wait for "eventually!" I was so miserable when I looked in the mirror - this wasn't the way I wanted to look. I was self-conscious in ways I had never been before. I felt like everyone was looking at my stomach - so I bought XL tops and tried to hide under flowy clothing, but in photos I just looked like I was hiding a lumpy body under a tent of fabric. And did I mention my face? Unless I was taking a "selfie" where I could make sure the camera was above my head at just the right angle, I did NOT want to be in a photo - I had a double chin that I had gained in pregnancy that didn't go away after I had my son. 20131106-205204.jpgWorst of all I was so damn tired! Constantly hungry and tired. Downing coffee all day long searching for energy in all the wrong foods. I would feel better in the moment and then come crashing down and need more caffeine and sugar all over again. Anytime I put my son down for a nap I would pass out along side of him. Between the lack of energy and not liking the way I looked I never wanted to leave the house or do anything.

Couldn't I just stay in my pajamas forever and never leave the house (Unless I was driving through Starbucks of course!)?20131106-205215.jpgBut here I am - 4 months later and I'm down nearly 40lbs! Just as exciting is the fact that I've lost over 20 inches - and girls you KNOW that's the best part! I am 5.5 inches smaller in my chest, 5 inches smaller in my waist and 6 inches smaller in my hips - I KNOW! I didn't even realize I had that much to lose! I can't remember the last time I weighed what I do now and my clothes that I was dreaming of fitting into again are now TOO BIG!! 

I post these photos (even though I still find it kind of embarrassing) for the slight chance they might touch you in some way. That they might inspire you to make a change. Maybe you feel as badly as I did when you look in the mirror and they might motivate you to finally do something about it. Perhaps you are reminded of someone else when you read my story and you could pass this blog entry along to them.

And if it does ANY of those things then it's a million times worth the embarrassment I feel when I look at my "before" picture. Because I know I will NEVER look or feel that way again. I have worked too hard and know too much to undo all the healthy habits I have created in my life now. This was a search for lifelong health - not a quick fix. My husband and I wanted to change things now so that our son will only know that his Mama and Papa as healthy parents who have energy to keep up with him. It's a really huge gift that we can give him now ya know?

If you are interested in knowing more I can help! I am so passionate about the program that we did/are doing that I became a health coach myself. I want everyone to know how easy and good it feels to take control of you life and have the body/health you have always dreamed of!

Click - Get Fit With the Flores Family to learn more!

Here's to Health!


Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday Okay so the new thing is #transformationtuesday I guess?! Heaven forbid I miss out on the latest trend that's rocking Instagram! On the left is me at 37 weeks pregnant and probably 45-50 lb heavier. I had Chico less than a week later. On the right is me today, almost 8 months post baby. Women's bodies are amazing and capable of incredible feats! That being said- I wouldn't have ever been able to look like this without changing my health habits and diet. I never thought I could look like this again, seriously. I haven't weighed this much since college! I feel wonderful and want other mamas to feel the same. It's possible. I swear!!!

P.S. Sassy Zebra Nursing Bra from Target - gotta love Gillian O'Malley!