What a Difference 4 Months Makes!

20131106-205150.jpgI said it before and I'll say it again - I NEVER EVER planned to show anyone but my health coach my "before" pictures. I was so ashamed of how big I was and embarrassed how my clothes fit. When I started my journey to health I was 4 months post-baby and everyone told me I should just relax and not to worry - that the weight would come off eventually. But I wasn't willing to wait for "eventually!" I was so miserable when I looked in the mirror - this wasn't the way I wanted to look. I was self-conscious in ways I had never been before. I felt like everyone was looking at my stomach - so I bought XL tops and tried to hide under flowy clothing, but in photos I just looked like I was hiding a lumpy body under a tent of fabric. And did I mention my face? Unless I was taking a "selfie" where I could make sure the camera was above my head at just the right angle, I did NOT want to be in a photo - I had a double chin that I had gained in pregnancy that didn't go away after I had my son. 20131106-205204.jpgWorst of all I was so damn tired! Constantly hungry and tired. Downing coffee all day long searching for energy in all the wrong foods. I would feel better in the moment and then come crashing down and need more caffeine and sugar all over again. Anytime I put my son down for a nap I would pass out along side of him. Between the lack of energy and not liking the way I looked I never wanted to leave the house or do anything.

Couldn't I just stay in my pajamas forever and never leave the house (Unless I was driving through Starbucks of course!)?20131106-205215.jpgBut here I am - 4 months later and I'm down nearly 40lbs! Just as exciting is the fact that I've lost over 20 inches - and girls you KNOW that's the best part! I am 5.5 inches smaller in my chest, 5 inches smaller in my waist and 6 inches smaller in my hips - I KNOW! I didn't even realize I had that much to lose! I can't remember the last time I weighed what I do now and my clothes that I was dreaming of fitting into again are now TOO BIG!! 

I post these photos (even though I still find it kind of embarrassing) for the slight chance they might touch you in some way. That they might inspire you to make a change. Maybe you feel as badly as I did when you look in the mirror and they might motivate you to finally do something about it. Perhaps you are reminded of someone else when you read my story and you could pass this blog entry along to them.

And if it does ANY of those things then it's a million times worth the embarrassment I feel when I look at my "before" picture. Because I know I will NEVER look or feel that way again. I have worked too hard and know too much to undo all the healthy habits I have created in my life now. This was a search for lifelong health - not a quick fix. My husband and I wanted to change things now so that our son will only know that his Mama and Papa as healthy parents who have energy to keep up with him. It's a really huge gift that we can give him now ya know?

If you are interested in knowing more I can help! I am so passionate about the program that we did/are doing that I became a health coach myself. I want everyone to know how easy and good it feels to take control of you life and have the body/health you have always dreamed of!

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Here's to Health!


Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday Okay so the new thing is #transformationtuesday I guess?! Heaven forbid I miss out on the latest trend that's rocking Instagram! On the left is me at 37 weeks pregnant and probably 45-50 lb heavier. I had Chico less than a week later. On the right is me today, almost 8 months post baby. Women's bodies are amazing and capable of incredible feats! That being said- I wouldn't have ever been able to look like this without changing my health habits and diet. I never thought I could look like this again, seriously. I haven't weighed this much since college! I feel wonderful and want other mamas to feel the same. It's possible. I swear!!!

P.S. Sassy Zebra Nursing Bra from Target - gotta love Gillian O'Malley!

Getting "It" Back After Baby!

Before & After Front Let me just preface this post by saying that I NEVER (like EVER) planned on showing these pictures to ANYONE besides my husband and my health coach when I first started this journey to health. I was incredibly ashamed of how I looked postpartum and what seemed like my inability to shed my baby weight.

But here I am - about three months since I started the program and I am proud to share my results with you.

Why? Because I hope to inspire other people - especially moms - to have the body and lifestyle that they really want. Sure - you need to be happy with yourself on the inside first, but the way I looked on the outside was beginning to make me feel pretty crappy on the inside and I knew something had to change. Too many times as mothers we are given the message that it is selfish and petty for us to focus on ourselves and/or physical imperfections brought on by pregnancy. When I looked unhappily at myself in the mirror I felt guilty for feeling the way I did - if I shared this feeling out loud would I sound ungrateful for the amazing little person I had just given birth to?

I remember being concerned about my weight gain and monitoring it during my pregnancy. My doctor told me I should gain 35 lbs. I believe by the end I was closer to 45-50 lbs gained and I worried. So many mothers told me not to feel this way and filled my head with the belief that my pre-pregnancy body would be just around the corner.

"It will fall right off since your breastfeeding!"

"You will be too busy to eat 3 meals a day, so you will loose your weight that way!"

"Oh just take the baby on lots of walks and that will take care of the extra pounds!"

"You lose 30 lbs by the time you leave the hospital."

Um, yeah not exactly. I remember weighing myself after I came home from the hospital and I was only 15 lbs lighter. And my baby Chico was only 8 lbs!!! I was devastated. I was barely under 200 lbs.

Those women had lied to me! I breastfed Chico around the clock (as anyone with a newborn knows!) and didn't find that I was losing anything. In fact - breastfeeding made me sooo hungry! It was like I was famished at all hours of the day! I was NEVER too busy to eat (and my awesome husband always made sure I had food) and I walked that baby all over my neighborhood daily. I lost some, but I was far from fitting into my old clothes...

before and after side

I wasn't sure what to do. I broke down and bought clothing in bigger sizes so I didn't have to wear yoga pants and maternity tops every day. I tried to tell myself maybe I could get used to my new body - after all - shouldn't I just be happy that I have a healthy and happy baby?

One night I stumbled upon an old friend on Instagram. He was a health coach now and his feed was filled with tons of before & after photos not only of himself and his wife, but tons of other people who he was working with. I remember excitedly showing my husband and pointing out that these people were NOT exercising to achieve these results - but simply changing their eating habits.

The long and skinny of it (get it? skinny of it?) is that my husband and I began the program. My program was especially designed for nursing mothers and Adam had his own program. Three months later and we are still going strong!

I have lost 25 lbs and 20 inches.

Adam has lost over 40 lbs.

We are so happy not only with the results, but how it has changed how we see food and health - and in turn how this has changed our family. We want our son to grow up  to have a healthy attitude about eating and to enjoy good, healthy food.

before and after back

There are three aspects about this program that make it work:

1) It is a Medically Based Eating Plan to Balance Blood Sugars. This is based on balancing blood sugars - not calorie counting or points. It will teach you to eat 6 small meals a day and you’ll get into a fat burning state which basically eliminates cravings and produces high energy. It’s amazing how you feel!  This eating plan is SIMPLE!

2) Long-term Curriculum to Teach You Habits for Success. This is a program that really helps to get our head in the game and transform from the inside out. I think we all know people who have lost weight and gained it back... this is a system that will help you deal with the triggers, behaviors, emotions that will really determine long term success. That’s why we don’t even call this a diet. This is a program that will make sure you don’t ever gain your weight back!

3) Free Personal Health Coach to Guide Your Journey! We all need the human element to help execute change. How did you learn to ride a bike? Did you just read a book and then hop on and start riding? You had someone running along side you, right?  We don’t transform by reading or learning alone... we need accountability, support and interaction.

Because I am so excited about this program and how it changed our lives in such a short amount of time I decided to become a Health Coach myself! This program is so easy and "do-able." I want other people (especially mamas) to know the feeling of getting "it" back - whatever "it" is for them - this could be getting your self-confidence back, your "sexy" back, use of your full wardrobe again, your health, your energy - YOU NAME IT!

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Here's to Health!