How to nurse a wiggleworm?

20131019-120449.jpg Nursing Mamas! Chico has reached a stage where he wants to be on the move constantly. This means rolling away from me on the bed when nursing to sleep, using my body as a stair climber and kicking me with his feet, etc. Does this mean he's ready to wean? I would like to continue breast feeding but I'm getting really frustrated with having to hold him down so he doesn't hurt me or squirm away. Help!! TIA

Slingin' at the Zoo

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We are now annual passholders at the LA Zoo! We went on a whim and had a great time. My new Sakura Bloom silk sling arrived right when we were headed out the door and I was so excited - it's even more beautiful in person then it was on the website (color is Twillight).

I'm happy Adam is getting more comfortable with using the ring sling instead of the Ergo only because Chico now prefers the ring sling in a big way. He likes that he is looking forward with you as opposed to the Ergo where he is forced to look behind. We aren't gonna toss the Ergo yet though - because soon he can do a back carry and I think both he and Adam will like that a lot.

Happy Babywearing! xx