Non-Scale Victories during my Third Trimester

Yesterday was one of those days where I had a difficult time with my changing body. I have only experienced fleeting moments of this during my pregnancy (thankfully) but then I quickly channel my Hypnobabies "Daily Affirmations" that remind me that "my changing body is radiantly beautiful." I couldn't seem to get in the right headspace so I decided last night that I would try to find a picture of myself as pregnant as I am now and compare them.

I am so glad I did!

I found photos of myself at 35 weeks pregnant with Chico and realized I had the same pants and shirt in my closet! I threw them on and could already tell by the fit that I was going to pleasantly surprised!

It feels like just yesterday I snapped the pictures of myself on top - I remember this was the last set of #ootd (outfit of the day) photos I took for my old blog because not even my maternity clothes felt comfortable anymore. I remember I was headed to my goddaughter's birthday party and even on the drive over I was already dreaming of coming home and putting sweat pants back on so I could breathe again. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't imagine surviving another month of pregnancy feeling this way! I really felt handicapped.

I am currently 34 weeks so there is only 1 week separating where I was in my pregnancy on the top vs the bottom, but the way I feel today feels millions of miles away. I can get in and out of the car easily, all of my maternity clothes still fit comfortably and I am able to wear lots of non-maternity items too! I chase a toddler around all day and even though it can be exhausting, I'm pretty sure that's par for the course when you have a toddler! 

I needed this yesterday - not because I am fighting weight gain while growing a tiny human or hating my changing body (trust me, I know that every single day of this pregnancy is a blessing)- but because pregnancy makes it hard to monitor if eating healthy is paying off physically by just looking in the mirror! The ways I could tell before (ex: how do my clothes fit, do I see more or less muscle tone/definition, etc.) are all moot point now!

So I will just continue to monitor my health the best way I know how - by paying attention to my energy level, my mood, etc. vs looking for physical signs of success! A good lesson for everyone I suspect - to focus more on how we feel internally vs how we look on the outside. 

40 Weeks in 40 Seconds!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]  

As I mentioned in the last post, our friends Gaelyn and her husband John (Chico's Godparents) had their baby boy Oliver "Ollie" Jenkins last Saturday. John already whipped this little video up...cause that's how they roll. It's super adorable, especially the message at the end.

Welcome to the world Ollie!


Post Pregnancy Workout Fun!

Tracy Anderson We just got back from a short trip to Vegas and it feels so good to be home! Traveling with a newborn is not for the faint of heart. Chico did great for a first timer, but we are dead tired. I got a lot of fun stuff in the mail but the thing I'm most excited is this DVD I ordered. It's Tracy Anderson - trainer of the celebrities - Post Pregnancy Work out DVD.

I tend to do really well with workout DVD's because I can do them any time of the day or night, I don't have to "get ready" to go to the gym or any other excuses. I got really into Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred before I got pregnant, but that seems way too intense to start out with. During my pregnancy I also used a really cool Gaim Prenatal Yoga DVD that was broken down per trimester. Super helpful.

I'm really itching to get rid of/do something about my soft middle section. Adam keeps reminding me that it's only been two and a half months since I had Chico, but I'm way harder on myself.

Has anyone else tried this DVD? It had a ton of good reviews on Amazon. Okay - back to catching up on all of our DVR'd television programs!

Maternity Jeans and Shorts 50% off!

Check out my Poshmark closet HERE. I'm selling some maternity items that I don't need anymore. Great deal for those of you who are in need of some staple items for your journey through the trimesters!!

Hospital Bag Packing 101 - Fun for the whole Family!

diaper bag UPDATE: I am re-posting this blog post from my Pregnancy Style Blog and editing/updating the post based on my experience now that I have actually given birth! In retrospect I was a little over-zealous in my packing, but I don't regret it - it made me feel prepared for this hugely important day. I have crossed out items that I wouldn't pack for my next pregnancy with explanation in parenthesis.


So at 38 weeks and 3 days it's super important I am ready to head to the hospital when shit goes down it's that magical time. I have checked out tons of pins (check out my 9 months of style and baby related pins HERE!) regarding what you should pack in your bag and your baby's bag for the hospital, so after checking them all out I have compiled my own list.

It may be over-zealous but it's my first baby and I'd rather be over prepared than regretful ya know what I mean? Click after the jump for my checklist for not only you and baby's bag - but partner/hubby/baby daddy bag too! Are your bags packed? Did you bring stuff you thought was useless later? Did you get to the hospital and say "DOH!" when you realized you forgot _______? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences about packing for the big day!

My Bag: Boppy (So lactation consultant can show me different ways to BF) Birth Plan (extra copy) Tube of Lanolin (Not needed - your nipples don't need relief yet) Robe and Gown Flip Flops (For the shower or just walking around) 10x underwear (The mesh underwear provided by the hospital are going to be EVERYTHING to you! You will take extra pairs of these mesh underwear home with you and treasure them in those first few days post-partem.) 2x Nursing Bra (I didn't find these necessary - you aren't wearing a bra under your gown and won't be nursing your baby in the car on the way home, so skip it.) 4x socks (I didn't use a single pair of socks - I was burning up for a week after giving birth which apparently is really common.) Breast Pads (You will only have colostrum for the first few days after birth until your milk "comes in." You have about a week to look forward to leaky boobs - skip the pads). Slippers Toothbrush/Toothpaste Brush/Hair Ties Deodorant Dry Shampoo Medication Going home outfit (loose & comfy - still gonna be the size of a lady 5-6 months pregnant!) Chapstick (I always have 5 different ones in my purse no joke)

Baby's Bag: Scratch Mittens 2x Hats (Hospital gives you the cute newborn knit hat so you don't really need to bring your own unless you have a special hat you really want the baby to wear on the way home - I did!) Baby Book (to stamp feet) Car Seat (in the car not the bag!) Wipes (Hospital provides these - but if you think baby is gonna have an explosion on the way home I guess pack them.) 2x socks 2x swaddling cloths Warm Going Home Outfit (1x NB size and 1x 0-3 size - they think I may be having a big baby so I need to be ready size-wise!) Baby Blanket (for the way home & pics in the hospital)

Husband's Bag: Jams (sweats & tee shirt) 4x boxers Slippers Deodorant Toothbrush/Toothpaste Medication 4x socks Contacts case/solution Snacks/Change for Vending Machine

Our Electronic/Tech Geek Bag: Laptop/DVDs Phone/Phone Charger Camera/Camera Charger Flip Camera Ipod/Headphones/Small Speaker (for soft soothing music, but most importantly for me to listen to my Hypnobabies tracks while in labor.) (This ended up being unecessary for me because my labor once at the hospital along with pushing was less than an hour and there was no time for music/self-hypnosis/NOTHING!)


Shopping 3 Weeks Post-Baby

Found the cutest blouse today at H&M that was on sale for $15. I usually wear a size 8 or 10. They only had size 14 so I tried it on... Or wait - I attempted to try it on ... And couldn't get it over my boobs. Meanwhile my husband was standing there, hysterically laughing and saying, "That's so awesome!!" over and over.

Thanks breastfeeding. Holy shit.

So instead we bought the baby some leggings. Ces't la vie.

My Baby Bump on Spearmint Baby!!

35 weeks 25 weeks If you haven't ever checked out Spearmint Baby you HAVE to! It's a great site for Bump Stories, Birth Stories, Nursery Inspiration and DIY ideas! My bump was lucky enough to be chosen to be featured under their "Show Your Bump" section - so exciting!! Check it out and everything else this wonderful site has to offer!


Papa got Mama a Prezzie.

push I remember the first time I heard the phrase "Push Present." I was highly confused and thought the name was borderline vulgar (really, a present for "pushing" out an infant?). It just sounded like another consumer/capitalistic ploy for women to put pressure on their partners to get them something expensive.

Fast forward to my current life. I made mention of the term and my husband had never heard of it either. When I informed him of the definition he thought it was equally silly ... but then in the same breath said he would want to get me something when I gave birth to his child someday.

This is what is touching about my husband. He does kind things because he WANTS to, not because he's pressured to. I'm just not that type of girl. If you know me you know that I never owned a designer purse, any sort of diamonds, etc. before meeting and being spoiled by my amazing husband. I didn't know what a "carat" meant or anything else about that world. My husband picked out my wedding ring on his own because he's awesome like that.

I had read a blog post about Push Presents on the blog "Renegade Mothering," and thought it was a little "obvious." The writer's point is that a piece of jewelery cannot "make up" for the fact that she now pees when she sneezes and has saggy tits. She adds that she would prefer her husband, "Love me. Go to work. Don’t cheat. Wash the fucking dishes."

Well duh. Obviously. Jesus Christ - isn't that part of the deal when you are in a relationship with someone? To love them, be faithful (unless otherwise agreed upon) and to share daily life responsibilities? If your partner feels moved to get you something special after you've given birth to his child can't it be just that?

Should you ask or put pressure on someone to get you a Push Present? Hell no! But if you do that, you are probably the type of girl who drops obnoxious hints about wanting expensive bags and shoes all the time too.

Adam took my wedding rings to "get cleaned" last week so that when I can wear them again (my rings are currently too tight to wear due to pregnancy water retention) they'd be nice and shiny. When he came home and gave me the box to "see how nicely they cleaned them" there was a new, third band in the box.

Surprises like this are what make me fall in love with my husband more and more every day. It has nothing to do with the fact that he got me diamonds. What makes my heart explode is that he had been putting money aside months ago because he wanted to get me something to show his appreciate for me after I gave birth to our son. It's the thought and the sentiment behind a gift that makes it great. Not the price tag.

Push Present debate - rage on.