Do you to take the good road or the great road?

Often times when I reflect back on choices I've made in my life, I've made them out of fear. I don't like "what's ifs" and I don't like the idea of failure. So I worked my butt off in school and had a job I loved. It was rewarding and I loved my clients. But in my 20's I had already hit a ceiling in terms of salary and certainly didn't feel valued or appreciated by my employer. I was tired of struggling and "just getting by." Meanwhile I was always tired, grouchy and saw the world through a "glass half empty" perspective. Never in my life did I think I would have my own business where I still get to help people but I'm my own boss and someday we can pass off our legacy to our sons. I can't believe what is possible when you take a risk, stop letting fear guide you and just get busy. Here's to the risk takers!