O+O is rocking my world!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So I am an essential oil novice. Well maybe not novice - I infuse, I know what certain oils can help certain ailments, I use them daily on myself and Chico, but I'm not blending up my own concoctions or anything. Enter O+O  into my life! Not only is the presentation adorable but these blends are great and I've come to find there is a use for them on a daily basis. The two that I have been using is the Eucalyptus Peppermint blend and the Lavender blend.


As a long time migraine sufferer I was looking forward to trying out the Eucalyptus Peppermint blend. I am trying not to use pain medication to deal with the sometimes daily pain and found that when I rubbed it into my temples it became easier to relax and rest which if you know about these types of headaches - sometimes rest is the only thing that will help. Related to my headaches is the fact that I hold stress in my shoulders and neck. Well, this blend is also great as an anti-inflammatory! I found that rubbing this blend onto my shoulders was equally as effective as Tiger Balm, but unlike Tiger Balm I wasn't afraid to cuddle Chico afterwards!

The uses are honestly endless - from putting it onto the ends of my processed hair, rubbing it onto my nail bed when I have hangnails, a pick me up when you're having a rough day, to putting on Chico's chest when he's congested.

Super uplifting scent.


The lavender blend is equally lovely, with plenty of uses. Lavender is pretty much my favorite "go-to" oil so I was excited to have a blend that I could try out. O+O's lavender blend consists of organic, high-quality coconut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil and the highest quality lavender oil.

I use lavender for diaper rashes (safe on cloth diapers), bedtime baby massage, bedtime mama massage (helps with insomnia!), on chapped lips and dry skin. I use it most on Chico's eczema patches and it has been amazing in healing them. His patches tend to be red but this blend soothed it overnight! Took the redness away and reduced the scaliness as well. Very impressed.

Here are a few tips when using O+O that are stated on their site: -Be careful not to mix diaper use jars with regular use jars. -Add salt or sugar to make it a scrub! -It may go on greasy, but just give it a few minutes to soak in. -This product stays solid at room temperature and will melt in warm surroundings and with your body temperature. Take care opening your jar. -A little goes a long way. 


I'm excited to continue my journey to learn more and more about essential oils as many moms seem to be these days. I think there's a lot to be said for handling our ailments holistically and naturally.

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