My Brows get the Kelley Baker Treatment

photo (5) Well I finally did it! I've been wanting to get my eyebrows done (styled?) by the people at Kelley Baker Brows FOREVER! I've had an eyebrow obsession ever since I was first allowed to pluck mine. Like most women I made the mistake of over plucking my beautiful, thick, Brooke Shields brows and turning them into pencil thin lines with zero arch. Such a bummer.


Because when you do that for years on end the hair gets pissed and decides to never return. I was left with patchy brows that wouldn't even grow back in spots - such a bummer. I don't trust just any nail salon or threading place either. I've made that mistake and no matter how many times I say - "Thick, thick - I like them THICK!" They always rip away all my hard work and I"m back to square one.

So I spent a few months slathering on castor oil every night and growing these suckers out. It was not a fun process I'm not gonna lie. I felt like a beast but I just kept reminding myself it would be worth it. And it SO was!!

I saw on Kelley Baker Brow's Instagram Page that one of her artist Charleen Martinez was offering a $30 special this week so I jumped on it!

I went to the Venice location on Abbot Kinney and everyone in the 3 chair studio was super nice. The receptionist even helped keep on eye on Chico while I was getting my brows done - so cool right? So I can't tell you their exact "method" because I was laying back and couldn't see a damn thing. All I know is there was wax involved and some tweezing of fine hairs and filling in of thin spots (yes after all that time there are STILL bald spots GRRRR!).

I am super pleased with my results and would totally go back. Charleen was super sweet and I think it's definitely worth it. Eyebrows are the new black people - seriously! If you have good eyebrows you can get away with not wearing a ton of make up because it totally opens up your face. So put down the tweezers and pick up the phone! Salon info is below in this photo that Charleen took of Chico for her Instagram - he was chillin' on my lap for the last bit of plucking!