Chico's Monster Ball

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1407,1409,1410,1431"] Planning your child's first birthday party has the potential to be really stressful and overwhelming, but I was determined to keep the focus on what the hype was all about - and that was to celebrate Chico's amazing first year of life!

I am very lucky that I have a mother-in-law who loves to host parties, a mother who is so creative that I can show her anything I like on Pinterest and she'll create it, and a husband who is an artist/painter.  Not to mention Chico's talented Ninos are photographers/videographers and took all these great pictures aside from a few I took on my phone.

When deciding what kind of party we would have for Chico I knew I didn't want anything too specific or themed. There literally was no color scheme, no theme...I just picked things I liked and prayed it didn't look completely insane on the day of the party. I just wanted the party to feel fresh, fun and light-hearted.

I was concerned about how I would keep the party focused on the babies and not have it be overtaken by the older kids. My plan was to put a bounce house in the front of the house with easy access to food away from the baby area. Adam painted a "Baby Monster's Only!" sign that we put in the designated baby area. I purchased several blow up pools and filled them with balls - making our very own baby ball pits. They were a huge hit not only with the birthday boy but the other babies too! I also had several bubble machines because bubbles are Chico's new favorite thing.

Having this designated area for the little ones was the best idea. We were able to relax, spread a blanket out and rest easy knowing that sugar fueled older kids weren't going to accidentally trample a little one.

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The entire party felt like a dream. I didn't have a big wedding, but I often hear brides say how, "the whole day was a blur!" Well I think I understand that concept now because the whole party felt like 20 minutes of an emotional blur! Chico had such a good time and was such a good sport. He skipped several naps and partied hard. I was nervous how he would react to everyone staring at him and singing happy birthday because he can get overstimulated with too much noise and attention. Knowing this about his personality I put him in his sling for singing and cake time so he would feel secure.  As everyone sang happy birthday to him he was amazing! He clapped and smiled and took it all in happily.

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20140208-154719-Chico First BDay-IMG_4257

Tentative at first, Chico just took in the cake I made him for a minute and after a little bit of encouragement from me he dug in. I was so happy that I took the time to make him a healthy, all natural cake that I could feel good about giving him. It was basically yummy banana bread with Greek yogurt based frosting (for the ingredients and instructions click HERE!).

Chico - I know you probably won't remember your first birthday aside from the pictures and stories we tell you about it so just know you had the best time. You got to see all your baby buddies, your friends and family were there and everyone had a great time and loves you so much.



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