The Library, Santa and the Park.

Big day for me and Cheeky! We found out about an awesome "Santa Story Time." over at the Monrovia library at the last minute and decided to give it a go! Chico loved everything about it! He was transfixed by story time and was more focused than other kids his age and older! I was super proud of him and know that all of our reading attributed to his laser focus! He even made a little friend - a little girl who was probably close to two years old. He scooted close to her and was trying to touch her hand and her hair. She was not impressed at first but then she put her forehead up to his and just stared into his eyes. He thought it was the funniest thing. I was like, "Um, excuse me, back off." Just kidding it was cute.

I wasn't sure how he'd react to Santa himself but he did really well - even when I placed him on Santa's lap! After meeting Santa Chico received a new book to add to his collection and we headed the little park behind the library. He and I went down the slide together and he went on the swings for the first time! It was so awesome to see him enjoy himself and be around other kids. We're definitely gonna have to hit up some more library story times at local libraries because I could tell he loved it - which makes me crazy happy because this was something my mom did with me growing up and it made a lot of lasting memories for me. My plan to turn Chico into a bookworm is going perfectly!20131205-000624.jpg