Happy 9 Months Baby Bear!

11062941733_96b9fc6695_bDearest Baby Bear, Well Cheeky - you've been on the "outside" now for as long as you were on the "inside!" This feels like a huge milestone to write down for some reason. Waiting to meet you for 9 months seemed like forever. I saw you move in my belly, felt your kicks. I dreamed of what you would look like and how your coos would sound. For some reason I used to think that once you were 9 months old I would have this whole motherhood thing pretty much figured out.

But I may have jinxed myself...

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetThis month you have kind of been a cookoo bird. I think a lot of your insanity/moodiness/frustration is due to the fact that you want to do things that you physically aren't capable of yet - thus you become a cranky Chico. The one thing that you have mastered this month is standing (with the help of holding onto something of course!).

If you had it your way you would be standing all day and all night...Here you are at Suehiro staring awkwardly at our waitress. She didn't mind though - she actually asked to take a photo with you before we left and you kindly obliged. She liked you a lot and called you - "Kamikaze Boy" because of your headband. photoIf it were up to you, you would have me hold you upright all day long. When my arms get tired and I sit you down you often get so angry that you kick your legs and throw your whole body backwards! You have so much desire to explore, observe and discover. Unfortunately your body can't keep up with your aspirations buddy!Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetThis month you had your first eye exam! We were worried that the doctor might find something wrong with your ojos because your Papa has really poor eye sight and has worn glasses since elementary school (so have I but for reading only). We had to have your eyes dilated but it was great news - your eyes are perfect! You did so well during your exam - it could have been a really scary experience but your Papa held you and did a wonderful job distracting you from getting overwhelmed. photo (8)Between your fussy days and fussy moments we have also had lovely days and moments sprinkled with laughter and cuddles. photo 4We have had fun little Little Tokyo trips (a family staple) filled with Suehiro, macarons & coffee. You always want to drink my coffee with me while I have you in the sling so I let you mouth the lid and pretend you are enjoying it too. photo 3Oh and exciting news - your top left two teeth popped out the other day out of nowhere! We were really surprised because you weren't showing any signs of teething aside from some drooling here and there. You look so grown up with your top teeth now...it kind of makes me sad and nostalgic for the days that you were all gums. You had the best gummy smile. It was even cute when you would cry because it was all gums!

Here's a picture of us when we were headed to the mall last week. I promise I didn't mean to dress us like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Sorry boo - I hope you weren't too embarrassed when we walked around the mall together. People kept saying how cute it was but you and I would just look at each other and with some major side eye. This is what happens when your mama is sleep deprived and you cry every time I set you down - quick decisions happen and the next thing you know we are dressed like two dopes off to a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 presetphoto 2Even though we have some rough days, there are always days in-between that make up for the bumps. We may become impatient with each other but more importantly we have fun together and laugh A LOT. I think I mentioned that to you last month - Laugh Chico. This is something I already knew, but you have taught me not to take life so seriously. I am the kind of person who finds it relatively easy to be too serious and sometimes moody, but when I am in those sorts of funks you give me a toothy grin or a nice long belly laugh and I can't be moody anymore. Thank you baby. I'm pretty sure your Mama is growing in a lot of ways right alongside you. Te querio mijito.