Size Medium?! You're joking!!

20131115-134330.jpg I post this very "un-Emily" picture (I am not one to show the world my bod) for a few reasons:

1) I am wearing a pair of Medium yoga pants. Pre-pregnancy I had always been a Large. As a tall girl who was never stick skinny past the age of 14, I just figured Large was gonna be my "forever size." Guess not!

2) In my journey to lose weight and get fit I have not worked out ONCE yet I'm seeing tone and definition like I never had before (and I was a ballerina my whole life who also did sports in high school)!  Remember, this is AFTER gaining 50-ish lbs during my pregnancy!!!

Ladies I want you to know that it is possible to get your body back after pregnancy. It is also completely possible to have an even BETTER body afterward too! All of this without killing yourself at the gym - because you have time for that right moms?! Haha...keep striving for health everyone! It's SO worth it!!



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