To My New Friends...

photo 2Since being announced as one of the new sling diarists by Sakura Bloom for their "Everything Shines" series I have gained a lot of new followers and friends on Instagram & here at 9 Months & Beyond. It's such a one sided relationship though - me blabbing about me and my life and not learning about you - the reader! I would love it if you would share something about you as we start this journey together! photo 1

Motherhood is rad but it can easily feel just as isolating as it is rewarding. Sometimes I don't have time to talk on the phone or hang out with friends and family. By stark contrast I am interacting and communicating with people I have never met in real life on Instagram all day long! It has become a really great place to ask for advice, receive encouragement and just chit chat with other mamas.

I can only imagine the new friends that are in my future!

I had a wonderful day making new friends with mamas from IG that I have been getting to know for a long time. It pushed me out of my comfort zone (introvert here!) but was SO worth it. I know there are so many more great friends to get to know ! Buenas Noches y Duelces Suenos!