Happy 8 Months Baby Bear!

11023653033_b595a9e684_b Dearest Baby Bear,

Hi lovey! This month you have shown tons of growth like  you do every month, but what stands out the most to me is your emotional growth. Yes, you continue to get heavier and longer and your wispy hair is starting to grow just a little bit over the tops of your ears, but the coolest thing I have been able to witness is that you have an awesome sense of humor. You have been laughing and smiling for a long time, but the difference is now you find certain things funny independently from me or your papa making silly faces or tickling you. I love watching the different things that give you a good laugh - usually Max or Mona walking by gets a good belly laugh out of you and sometimes it's a song you hear on "Yo Gabba Gabba." Other times it may be the way one of your toys falls when you chuck it or just the way I say a certain word to you can send you into a fit of giggles.

I have really loved seeing this because let me tell you Chico Bear - laughter is something that is gonna help you get through the hard times in life. Sometimes all you can do is laugh! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This month was your first Halloween! We decided against taking you out trick or treating and opted just to dress you up in your costume and hand out treats to all the kids that came to the door. Every time someone knocked on the door we would scoop you up so that you could answer the door and hand out treats with us.  You seemed to love it - you even smiled at some of the kids when they would say, "Aw, look it's a little tiger!" Your Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Marion came over on Halloween night to hang out with you too! They love you so much Chico.

You enjoy sitting with your Grandma and something about Great Grandma Marion just gets you giggling like nobody's business! You two yell and laugh - it's really something to see!

Next year we will take you door to door to go trick or treating yourself!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Your Papa was home for a few months because he hurt his back at work. Everyday we had so much fun together as a family - whether it was going to the mall, the zoo or just bumming around the house in our jammers. He was really sad to leave you when he went back this month. He told me he is afraid you are going to hit a milestone and he'll miss it; or that you won't remember the bond that you have. I told him that he's nuts.

The love that you two share is too strong to disappear just because he goes to work during the day!

I love the sweet moment when your Papa walks through the front door at 3:30PM every day. You whip your head around and stop whatever it is your doing and your face breaks into the BIGGEST grin! You usually flap your arms wildly and sometimes you even give out a squeal of delight! It's a sight to behold...OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell my little tigre, I love you bunches. Thanks for humoring me and letting me put you in your costume and take pictures in the hot sun. You would never know it from the looks of these photos, but you and I were both having a grouchy morning and I thought this was going to be a disaster. Luckily you humored me, so thanks boo.