Happy 6 Months Baby Bear!

9492449342_8bdf557a20_bThis is your new jam - sticking your tongue out as far as possible and giggling uncontrollably about it. You kill me! Dearest Baby Bear,

Half a year. That's how old you are now. I don't hear "6 months," I hear, "half a year." And I'm not going to lie - the fact that you are already half a year old makes me sort of sad. Everyone told me that time flies when you have a little one, but once again you don't really "get it," until you're "in it."

Let me explain what I mean by sad. Because it's not really a sadness, but more of a longing...

Sidenote - you aren't a ranga Chico, the sun is just reflecting off the orange blanket!9485943161_a5fc04af08_b

I finally took the plunge and put your 3-6 Month clothes away because they fit so tightly that I could see your stomach rolls through the onsie fabric. I was filled with memories of when you were finally big enough to fit into those in the first place. I dressed you in those onsies before they really fit you, because the majority of the clothing we were gifted was 3 Month. I watched you go from swimming in some of them, to using onsie "extenders" on them to make them longer, to even cutting some into t-shirts. As I was packing them up I reflected on what on Earth was the matter! Why was I feeling so damn sad?


It's not really that mysterious - After packing away all of the ill-fitting, too small onsies, all that is left is clothing that is 6 Month plus - the second half of your first year, the future. You went from Newborn, 0-3 Month, 3 Month, 3-6 Months...but now it is only 6 Months forward.

In my mind the first year of your life is so monumental, such a milestone. So much growth physically and mentally. I am lucky enough to get to watch this growth every day, yet sometimes it still doesn't feel like enough.

There is at least one time that you wake in the night to feed or be changed that I am actually happy you did because I missed you and feel like I need to smell your hair, rub your leg and tell you the same thing I tell you every time you wake up - that you're okay and that Mama loves you. When you wake me up in the morning - usually by impatiently smacking me in the face with a breast pad - my heart still explodes and I grin wide... and then you break into ear piercing shrieks. It's a pretty rad way to wake up!

But I see changes that come with this first half of your first year coming to a close...

9492457152_b0bd5e3c95_bThat's Papa in the background making a "6" shadow in honor of your half birthday!

As much as you love being held in my arms, you want to sit by yourself and it frustrates you that you can't. You want to stand and crawl and you cry when it doesn't work out. You still love nursing, but now you also sit in your high chair and eat homemade teething biscuits that I baked for you. You are trying really hard to use the sippy cup without help. You have already tried bananas, chicken, garlic bread, peaches, and rice cakes.

All the new things you are doing and trying are signs of independence. They are signs of a little person whose needs are becoming greater and greater, but in a different way then a newborn's needs...

As you can see your "need" here is to look awesome  and wear sunglasses. NBD.


I don't want to give the impression that you getting older is making your Mama sad or upset. I love and enjoy every day and every stage. It's just hard to keep up with all the changes that you make. You are moving faster then I am (figuratively- I know, I know - you can't crawl yet!) and some days I just wish I could stop time. It's also just the idea of being "6 Months Old," that shook me up this month; just like being One Years Old will probably make me sentimental in a way that 9 Months won't.

Before I say good night to you Baby Bear I have to tell you something incredible that you did this month. You told your Papa, "I love you!." He was telling you he loves you in the same way he always does - "I love you Chico," in a sing-song way and the next thing we knew you responded with, "Eye Wub Ooo!" Our jaws hit the floor - you are a smart cookie Cheeky!

"We Wub Ooo Too!"