Things I Said I'd Never Do...

...Wear a Teething Necklace! _DSC3263

When I was pregnant with Chico I spent a lot of late nights on the internet "Googling." I Googled everything from maternity clothes, baby clothes, parenting theories, and general baby/mom stuff.

One night while I was in bed next to my snoring husband, I fell down a big ass Google rabbit hole of weirdness. It started with looking up Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and then I saw these silicon teething necklaces that are meant for Mom to wear.

Ew, wtf. So you're saying you want me to wear a string of slobbery beads that my son can suck and chew on at will?


Fast forward to having a 5 month old who has transformed into the worlds biggest distractable nurser while simultaneously teething.

To deal with teething I strapped on a Baltic Amber Necklace, used Teething Tabs, had him chew on cold rags, teething toys, comfort nurse - you name it - I have done it. But as far as the distracted nursing goes I was a little stumped - so what did I do? GOOGLE, DUH!

Where does Google lead me back to - sigh... you guessed it, silicon necklace of beads...20130720-112712.jpg

And I bought them.

And I don't care that they are ugly and don't go with anything unless you are Wilma Flintstone.


Because wearing this necklace while I am home and while Chico or in his sling is a small price to pay for my baby to be happy. See this is something I didn't think I'd do - sacrifice style for comfort!

I also would have done anything to stop the smacking, scratching and general tomfoolery that goes on during our nursing sessions now. I had tiny razor thin scratches on my chest that look like I'd been attacked by a feral cat.

Now he nurses and grabs onto the beads and yanks them around. When he is drooling and uncomfortable wtih teething issues he gums the hell out of the necklace. Because my Teethease necklace is made of FDA approved medical grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, latex, heavy metals, phthalates and meets the highest international safety standards - I don't have to worry that Chico is ingesting toxins.

Also a plus is that despite my almost OCD-like attempt to keep his teething rings off the floor and cathair free, it is nearly impossible. Having my son's chew toy...I mean "teething necklace" around my neck ensures that it won't be covered in cat hair or gunk from the bottom of the diaper bag.

And all that sounds pretty damn good to me.