Happy 5 Months Baby Bear!

9229163906_848c087f36_h Dearest Baby Bear,

I feel like I was just writing Happy FOUR Month Birthday to you! Now here I am saying happy Five Month...which makes me think of 6 Months...which is half of a year...and then...then...

The point is Chico, you are really growing up before our eyes. We went to the doctors for your vaccines and a check up and you are almost 16 lbs and measuring in at 26 inches! That means you have grown a little more then one inch every month since you were born! I feel like you are getting so strong physically and so smart - the biggest change this month is that you hate laying on your back (You think that's for babies!) and you want to sit up unassisted. Unfortunately Chico Bear you can't sit up without help so we got something called a Jumperoo for you. You sit in it and can bounce up and down and spin 360 degrees (eventually!) and play with all kinds of little contraptions that are connected to it. I've never seen you get so excited about something before! The first few days you had it, you jumped non-stop, nodding off for 5 minutes here and there, then waking up and bouncing where you left off.

9226228597_207e5a0d98_hI shall dub you "Drooly Andrews."

You also seem to be teething...evidenced by the excessive amounts of drool you produce. I took these photos of you and considered changing you into a fresh onsie, but I thought the drool just exemplified what you are experiencing right now. I'm into it and you don't seem to mind! The blanket you are laying on in these photos is from Paris and was a gift from your Ninos to us when they went on a European Vacation. Pretty cool right?

9226226517_8619a2c12a_bSpeaking of your Ninos - they had a very exciting thing happen this month. Last Saturday night your Nina Gaelyn gave birth to John Oliver. Your Papa and I took you to the hospital and we waited with Nino John's mom for about 8 hours until Ollie came into this world. You seemed to be really caught up in the moment and not wanting to miss a thing. I was trying so hard to get you to go to sleep because it was waaaay past your bedtime but you were fighting me hard. Suddenly you went from being wide awake to limp in my arms. We joked that maybe Ollie had just been born and that because you felt his presence you knew it was okay to go to sleep. Your Papa noted the time just in case.

Sure enough Ollie had just been born at 9:23 PM.

9229008550_0d88eeb56c_hYou seemed so big next to Ollie when I held you over his clear plastic hospital bassinet. You were very calm and serious and just looked at Ollie, looked at me, looked at your Nino and Nina, back to Ollie. I couldn't help but think that a part of you remembered that only 5 short months ago, that was you - all fresh and new and teeny tiny.

9229007960_8bcf6bd6b4_hSoon the 5 Month difference won't seem like such a huge gap between you and Ollie.  I imagine the two of you playing together - going to the beach, swimming, running and laughing, having sleepovers and staying up past your bedtimes until you are both so slap happy you fall asleep in a fit of giggles. I hope you tell each other secrets and that you let your imaginations run wild - playing make believe and hide and seek. I hope that you and him have a lot of fun together; growing up and having lots of adventures.

9226536987_d779321d52_hYour smile and laugh never cease to fill me with joy. And you laugh a lot these days so you're really giving your Mama a lot of happiness. I still miss you when you have a long nap. When you wake up and I hear you stir or cry I run to you and we both just smile at each other like dorks, as is it's been forever since we last saw each other. Thank goodness you seem to be equally obsessed with me or else it would be a VERY unbalanced relationship Baby Bear!

Love you Boo! Here's to another month of fun, giggles and growth.