It's the paranoia of not being a good Dad...

[youtube=] Nice to see this intimate (although made by galaxy samsung!) of Jay-Z talking to Rick Ross about fatherhood. With so many boys being raised without dads, I know this is a common feeling, worry, and concern. My husband talked about this a lot before Chico was born.

I remember him asking me, "How will I teach him how to be a man?"

That had never dawned on me - because to me, my husband is the perfect man. He is loyal, sensitive to my needs, gracious and courteous to others, funny as all hell, and best of all - he's in touch with himself; meaning that he can talk about his feelings, tell me if something hurt or upset him, and wants to discuss things. To me that is the making of a perfect gentleman/husband/friend/DAD.

But it's easy to see these things from the outside. I'm not a man and don't know how that feels, even though I do know what it's like to have an absent father.

I think admitting that you're scared or paranoid to not be a good parent puts you light years ahead of someone who doesn't worry at all. Just my two cents. I wish there were more Papas out there who blogged and/or talked about this stuff.

20130703-233609.jpg My husband loving on Chico - because that is what will make our son a strong man someday.