Happy 4 Months Baby Bear!

8975868448_f5d0a960cc_b Dearest Baby Bear -

This whole Mama thing gets more and more fun by the day - and you are the reason why! You have developed into such a delight to be around! No longer do you cry for what seems to be no reason at all - you give a cry if you are hungry, tired, need a change or perhaps a burp, but other than that you are smiling, laughing, exploring your environment (best you can without much movement) and sleeping like a champ! When I say sleeping like a champ I mean that you now sometimes sleep longer than 4 hours at a time in the night - and this, my little bear is good not only for you, but for me too!

When I think back to the past month a few things stick out to me - one would be your new-found language skills and the other would be your interest and wonderful attention span when it comes to books and reading!

Every day you and I spend a lot of time "talking" to each other. It looks a little like this - I will say something or ask you a question and then you respond back with babbles that are in the same tone as what I said to you. It's so amazing that you are already developing such clear leaps in language as such a little person!

You and I read books every single day! You have some favorites - "Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes," "Where is the Green Sheep?" and "Chomp Zoo," are just some of your favorites. Here's a little video of me reading Green Sheep to you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cJr7lF-Eps&w=640&h=360]

Can you hear how you are almost reading along with me? I know I'm your Mama, but I can't help but think you are a super smarty pants! I'm so happy that you enjoy reading because reading and books were my first love. I was read to by your Grandma Sue all the time which developed into my passion for reading and especially writing! I love being able to share this love with you already! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

This month you did some fun stuff and met some important people.

First person you met this month was your Tia Mimis. She is your Mama's cousin and best friend. She has been waiting to meet you for a long, long time. Probably even before you were born. When she met you, she held you and tears came to her eyes. You seemed so peaceful in her arms and during the time she stayed with us you and her cuddled and bonded. You laughed and cooed in her arms and it was so awesome to see. Her brother and my cousin Pepito (Tio Jose) also stopped by to meet you and he fell in love. We attended your cousin Isabella's 3rd Birthday Party and you got to meet her, Talan and Aurora! They all took turns holding you, giving you kisses and hugging you. It was awesome. I helped you to hit your first pinata too! You are officially Mexican now Little Bear!

We went on a nice relaxing family trip to Cayucos and Morro Bay (see your onsie) and stayed with Aunt Chic. It was her first time meeting you and she fell in love! She even held you with the assistance of the Boppy Pillow which is huge because she usually doesn't hold babies due to her arthritis. We just hung out, ate good food and did some antique shopping. I held you in your carrier through the shops and you were so good! Who knew a 3.5 month old would be so alert yet quiet while antiquing? It was also your first time at the beach! We didn't take you directly to the sand because it was kind of chilly, so instead we walked out onto the pier in Cayucos. You were not happy about this! It was incredibly windy and you started growling something fierce! As we walked further down the pier your growls got louder and it because abundantly clear that you were NOT into this little walk! So we snapped a quick photo and hightailed it back to land! Sorry booboo, guess you hate gusty wind!

We also went up to Carpenteria for your Nino John and Nina Gaelyn's baby shower! Your soon-to-be pal, Oliver (or Ollie as we are already calling him) is going to be born next month!! We are so happy for your Ninos and for you too, because something tells us that you two babes might have a lot in common (aside from awesome parents!).

8975949596_e744a13974_bYour eyes are still a beautiful grey color, but in the sunlight we are starting to see flecks of brown. 8975939444_ed39aedec6_bHard to see here, but you are holding onto your favorite toy - a plastic ball with space for small fingers to grip. You also love to bring it to your mouth and stick your tongue through the holes!8974733243_f4f5969090_b

Fly Little Hummingbird, Fly!