Newsflash - Baby's Sleep Increases!

via Instagram
This is the face of a well-rested little lad who slept for a 7 HOUR 9 MINUTE chunk of time last night! Now if only Mama had slept that whole time we might be on to something! I put him down and then cleaned and organized the house for 3.5 hours before realizing I should probably sleep too. It's just so rare to have moments like this to complete tasks that I kind of go crazy.
I went through all of his clothes and took out all the clothes that don't fit anymore. It breaks my heart that he hasn't worn all of it, although I have done a really good job of making sure he wears most everything at least once. I feel so wasteful, but I just remind myself that we will be set for baby #2 someday so it's not a total loss.
We are going on a mini little getaway this weekend for Adam's birthday so I also packed for the baby. It was difficult because we are going to the Central Coast where the temperature can change 10-15 degrees in 30 minutes! I think I did pretty well without over-doing it.