You are 3 Months Baby Bear!

3mo Dearest Baby Bear,

3 months? Feels more like 3 years! No, no - not in a bad way Baby Bear - we just have done so much and you have grown so much, that it's hard to believe you can learn and change so much in just one months time!

During the past month you have learned all sorts of new tricks! You can grab onto toys and bring them to your mouth like a champ! Your new favorite thing is to play on your "jungle gym" as I call it - you lay on your back and look up at flashing lights, music and spinning objects that dangle from the gym. You crack up so hard while your playing in your gym. Sometimes it looks like you are playing a drum kit! You kick hanging monkeys with your feet, punch a hanging rattle with your right hand and with your left hand try to grap the spinning toys. DOUBLE BASS DOUBLE BASS! This further proves my prediction that you are going to be very musical someday!

The other fun thing that you do now is babble and chat with me. I will ask you something and you respond by chatting and laughing. We do this every morning for a good bit of time - that's usually when you are the happiest. Yes Little Bear, sometimes you can be quite a grouch! It's funny, one moment you are laughing and the next minute you look so grouchy! Your Grandma Sue thinks that maybe you are going to be really serious and think your Papa and I are pretty ridiculous (which we are). I think that you might just have a really great poker face.

Speaking of poker - we went on our first family trip a few weeks ago! The 3 of us went to Las Vegas for your uncle Patrick and aunt Sophie's wedding. It was the first time you got to meet a lot of family - you met your Grandpa Adam, Great Grandma Mary, Aunt Loretta, and your cousins Sierra and Jonah! Sierra wanted to hold you right away and you looked huge in her arms!

I will tell you a funny story about Vegas. We bought you an adorable little sailor outfit (including a sailor hat!) to wear to the wedding. When we arrived at Cesar's Palace you started screaming and I couldn't figure out why you were so upset. I picked you up out of your car seat and you had pooped all the way up your back, all over your car seat and of course your all white sailor suit. You kept looking at your Papa and I with this look that said, "Guys, I'm so sorry - I feel miserable!" It was quite an ordeal!

Love you so much Baby Bear - here's to another month of love, laughs, antics and growing!




You and Papa hamming it up during your photo shoot.


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Chico's Outfit:

Yellow & Grey Bow Tie Onsie with Vest - Noah's Boutique on Etsy - Cool thing about this? The onsie has snaps on it and you can order different ties, suspenders, vests, etc to snap right on to create different looks. We actually ordered this for the wedding but it didn't come in time. It's okay though, you would have just pooped on it anyways. ;)

Blanket - This was Mama's Baby Blanket a long time ago. Grandma saved it and brought it over when you were just born. PRetty cool that we can share stuff right Cheeks?