Things I Said I Would Never Do...

Things I said I would never do #2:Cutesy Clothing.

I present to you Exhibit A: carters-infant-halloween-costumes

"Just because they are babies doesn't mean they have to be dressed like it's Halloween," I would say...

Fast forward to Chico's first Easter this year and you better believe I was counting down the days because I was ready with a full on bunny suit.

Were we going to an Easter Egg Hunt? No.

Were we visiting with family? No.

Did I just want him to be in his bunny suit all day because it was Easter? Hell yes.

I really wanted to see him with ears and a cotton taill. Is that so wrong?


Another strong opinion I once stood by "Pre-Chico," was that I was not going to put my child in clothing with cutesy phrases on it.

I present to you Exhibit B:


I'm mostly talking about all the Carter's onsies, rompers, sleepers, etc. that have: "Mommy's Little Guy," "Cute Like My Daddy," "Captain Cutie," etc. going across everything. You might be thinking - she sure knows those Carter's catch phrases really well!

Well I do.


Because I dress Chico in that shit on the daily! Not only did we receive baby clothes like this at our baby shower, but we totally bought it as well!! Why have I gone back on what I originally said? Because seriously, who cares. My baby is cute as shit and somehow he looks even cuter when it's spelled out across his chest. It makes us smile, it makes other people smile and again - who cares? He's only going to be an infant for a short amount of time. He's supposed to look effortlessly cutesy. He is cutesy with or without it being spelled out. I'm not going to go out of my way to shun clothing that I think is really cute because it says, "I Love My Mama" on it.  He does love his Mama dammit!

You really don't know until you know - you know?