High Chair Research is Serious Bizz.

Ikea highchair So luckily high chairs aren't something that you really "need" until your baby starts eating solids (4-6 months). This has given me time to research what kind of high chair best suits our needs. My high chair preferences are: simple & modern (aka no wacky prints), easy to clean, can fold up and be put away (one less baby item taking over our house!).

I was pretty sold on this IKEA high chair. It is only $19.99 (I KNOW!) and it's just hard plastic that cleans up in a snap.

Then I saw this gem today on one of the many Mama Blogs I follow and am pretty much in love! Check out the video and peep the Specs on this Phil & Ted Poppy High Chair!


It is $100 more than the IKEA High Chair ($119) but they can use the damn thing until they are 3 years old, which sort of makes me feel better about spending more. Also it folds and the IKEA chair doesn't. They are out of the neon green which I kind of like, but the blue is pretty good too. Also - is cranberry more red or pink? I like it too, but can't tell if it's kind of "pinky."

Pretty much sold! I am going to check out reviews, but it's brand new so I'm finding it difficult to find anything yet. Not like I don't have time before we really need a high chair for Chico anyway!