I Shall Dub This - "The Mama Mani"

I have learned many things over the past almost 7 weeks that my son has been on this planet. Many of these epiphanies are life changers. Example? How is it possible for me to love this tiny human being so damn much?? Less philosophic, yet still life changing is how little time I have for myself. Everything I do feels like a race to finish in order to focus on Chico. I shovel meals into my mouth with lightening speed or eat just enough to not feel ravenous. I shower with a quickness that is almost dangerous to my personal safety. And as far as any sort of beauty regime goes - seriously forget about it. Gone are the days of deciding to get a mani/pedi on a whim. Getting my hair cut and colored? Not happening either - that's a process that one must have at least 3-4 hours set aside for. I don't even sleep 3-4 hours straight at night anymore.

Pre-baby I always found getting manis/pedis to be a rather affordable way to feel like I was doing something nice for myself. I started to get bummed out thinking that I may never be able to get one again. Painting my own nails isn't the same. I do a decent job, but for some reason it never lasts and I end up looking like a 5 year old who has halfway peeled off her Tinkerbell bubble gum scented nail polish.

photo 1

During a Target spree yesterday I spotted these "Essie Sleek Sticks." I picked up these pretty pewter colored ones with tiny diamond bubbles on them.


I had tried Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in the past and really like them so I was stoked to try the Essie version because it's my favorite kind of nail polish.

sally hansen

If you haven't tried them before they are super easy. You stick them on, file off the excess sticker, done, boom. Here's a video on how to apply them if you are need a visual. This girl puts clear polish too, but I don't find that to be necessary.

Here's why this is going to be my new "go-to" manicure solution until I can sneak away and get a real mani/pedi:

1) It's a crazy fast process to complete. 2) No smells/toxins around baby. 3) No wet polish to get all over baby when you have to stop and pick up your crying infant mid-mani. 4) It lasts for a really long time - no chipping the next day like my hand jobs normally do (Haha - get it? Hand job! Geez I'm tired.)

Can't wait to try more Essie Sleek Sticks. Although there are not as many color/design options as Sally Hansen I find them to be more sophisticated and less juvenile. Some of the Sally Hansen stickers look like Claire's Boutique threw up on them.

I know there will come a day when I will have the time to get a quick mani/pedi, but for now I am still learning how to manage my time between Chico and... well.. everything else.