An Afternoon with our Buddies.

Adam, Chico and I headed out to Santa Monica last weekend to spend some much needed time with our best buds, The Jenkins. "The Jenkins" are: John, Gaelyn and Peeps the Pup. They are also expecting a baby boy come June and we are beyond excited for them and also for Chico who will have a built in buddy to grow up with (Check out My Corner View for Gaelyn's cute ass pregnancy style!)! John and Gaelyn also happen to be Chico's Nina and Nino (Godparents).

We spent the afternoon soaking up some much needed Vitamin D while John BBQ'd some delicious food (Per usual - this man is amazing - the day after Chico was born he and Gaelyn came over and made us lobster tail! No joke!). We also got to put Peeps to the test and see how baby friendly she was. The verdict is in and she passed with flying colors!! She was curious, gentle, concerned when he cried and best of all she rocked him in his chair! Good job P-nut!!

John and Gaelo took some fab photographs of our day, so I thought I'd share. They do great wedding photography/videography, so check 'em out at What We Do Films!

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8669-2 Images of my husband may be tougher then they are in real life. In other words - he's a big softy!

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8603 Peeps doing an amazing job of protecting Cheeks. Cheeks is chatting her ear off.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8592 The fun exhausted them both so they napped.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8670 Our Little Family.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8610 Nina Gaelo the baby whisperer.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8621 Smiling in Nina's arms.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8630 The 3 boys talking about boy stuff.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8631 More man time.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8620 "Mama it's so bright out here!"

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8605-2 My heart.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8648 I'm a mom - so weird still. But I look at this photo and I'm like - "Hey, that's a mom doing mom stuff with her son right there!"

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8683 Adam being the best Papa - flexing his "Happiest Baby on the Block" skills.

Chico Picnic with Jenkins'-IMG_8682 "I love you so much Papa."