You are 1 month Baby Bear.

chico 1mo Dearest Baby Bear,

You turned 1 month old yesterday. Although it's only been 30 short days, it feels like I have known you for an eternity. It has been harder then I could have imagined, but also more rewarding then I ever dreamed. Between learning to live on only 2-3 hours sleep a night; to defining a, "good nights rest," as sleeping in 3 hour increments between your feedings and diaper changes - I am realizing that everything I thought I knew before you arrived gets thrown out the window.

You are such a wonderful baby. I can just stare at you for hours on end. I find everything you do to be "the cutest thing ever" or "the funniest thing ever." Even when you are scream crying I giggle uncontrollably because of the way your chin quivers is hilarious. Sorry Baby Bear, but like I said - you are just too cute.

Although you are only one month old you already do a really great job of holding your head up and you can roll yourself from side to side. I joke that you are the Incredible Hulk Baby. You really seem to love music and are fascinated by books and art. There was a playlist of songs I made in your honor when I was pregnant with you. I would listen to it in the car with you (in my belly) and always felt like you enjoyed the songs. One day when you were about one week old, you were being fussy so I decided to play the songs for you and the minute Kurt Vile's song "Baby's Arms" started to play you stopped crying and looked right at me! I couldn't believe it. I read books to you that your Grandma Susan got for you and you stare intently at the pages and seem to like stories that rhyme the best! When you sit on the couch in the living room you are constantly staring at the artwork we have hanging on the wall or at your Papa and I's tattoos.

It's hard to remember life before you existed Chico. My life will forever be separated by life before you and life after you. I love you so much my beautiful son. I am honored to be your mother and promise to do the best job of raising you that I can. I promise that I will love you with all my heart. I promise to foster your independent nature (yes, I can already tell you are going to be stubborn like me in terms of wanting to do everything on your own) and let you learn from your own process of trial and error. I promise to always be there for you whether you scrape your knee or need to talk about a bad day at school. Lastly, I promise to give you tons of hugs and kisses (even when you are too old and most likely a bit embarrassed by it).

Your Papa and I love you very much Baby Bear.

xx, Mama

Chico's OOTD: "I love my Mommy" kitty Onsie and stripped knit leggings - GAP BABY Socks - Whale Baby Socks, brand unknown but gift from Papa Blanket - Pendleton Chief Crib Blanket (a beautiful gift from Chico's Tia, Tio and Primos - The Starling Family