Hospital Bag Packing 101 - Fun for the whole Family!

diaper bag UPDATE: I am re-posting this blog post from my Pregnancy Style Blog and editing/updating the post based on my experience now that I have actually given birth! In retrospect I was a little over-zealous in my packing, but I don't regret it - it made me feel prepared for this hugely important day. I have crossed out items that I wouldn't pack for my next pregnancy with explanation in parenthesis.


So at 38 weeks and 3 days it's super important I am ready to head to the hospital when shit goes down it's that magical time. I have checked out tons of pins (check out my 9 months of style and baby related pins HERE!) regarding what you should pack in your bag and your baby's bag for the hospital, so after checking them all out I have compiled my own list.

It may be over-zealous but it's my first baby and I'd rather be over prepared than regretful ya know what I mean? Click after the jump for my checklist for not only you and baby's bag - but partner/hubby/baby daddy bag too! Are your bags packed? Did you bring stuff you thought was useless later? Did you get to the hospital and say "DOH!" when you realized you forgot _______? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences about packing for the big day!

My Bag: Boppy (So lactation consultant can show me different ways to BF) Birth Plan (extra copy) Tube of Lanolin (Not needed - your nipples don't need relief yet) Robe and Gown Flip Flops (For the shower or just walking around) 10x underwear (The mesh underwear provided by the hospital are going to be EVERYTHING to you! You will take extra pairs of these mesh underwear home with you and treasure them in those first few days post-partem.) 2x Nursing Bra (I didn't find these necessary - you aren't wearing a bra under your gown and won't be nursing your baby in the car on the way home, so skip it.) 4x socks (I didn't use a single pair of socks - I was burning up for a week after giving birth which apparently is really common.) Breast Pads (You will only have colostrum for the first few days after birth until your milk "comes in." You have about a week to look forward to leaky boobs - skip the pads). Slippers Toothbrush/Toothpaste Brush/Hair Ties Deodorant Dry Shampoo Medication Going home outfit (loose & comfy - still gonna be the size of a lady 5-6 months pregnant!) Chapstick (I always have 5 different ones in my purse no joke)

Baby's Bag: Scratch Mittens 2x Hats (Hospital gives you the cute newborn knit hat so you don't really need to bring your own unless you have a special hat you really want the baby to wear on the way home - I did!) Baby Book (to stamp feet) Car Seat (in the car not the bag!) Wipes (Hospital provides these - but if you think baby is gonna have an explosion on the way home I guess pack them.) 2x socks 2x swaddling cloths Warm Going Home Outfit (1x NB size and 1x 0-3 size - they think I may be having a big baby so I need to be ready size-wise!) Baby Blanket (for the way home & pics in the hospital)

Husband's Bag: Jams (sweats & tee shirt) 4x boxers Slippers Deodorant Toothbrush/Toothpaste Medication 4x socks Contacts case/solution Snacks/Change for Vending Machine

Our Electronic/Tech Geek Bag: Laptop/DVDs Phone/Phone Charger Camera/Camera Charger Flip Camera Ipod/Headphones/Small Speaker (for soft soothing music, but most importantly for me to listen to my Hypnobabies tracks while in labor.) (This ended up being unecessary for me because my labor once at the hospital along with pushing was less than an hour and there was no time for music/self-hypnosis/NOTHING!)