Baby's First Easter


Since we are mostly housebound with babe, we try to get out of the house for little jaunts on a daily basis. Today we went to the bank and Target (big outing!). I had told Adam earlier today that I wanted to dress Chico in a bunny costume for his first Easter and he was totally into it. In my mind I imagined a pink, fluffy bunny costume.

As we were perusing the baby section of Target we stumbled upon this awesome get-up by Carter's. They have the best stuff - it's affordable, soft, and the sizing is really accurate for our baby. Before Chico was born I always said I wanted to avoid clothing that had phrases like, "Mommy's Little Man," and "Daddy's Little Sporty Sport." Carter's does have a lot of that sort of thing (and duh, we've broken down and gotten stuff with cutesy shit on it) but they also have a line called "Baby's Firsts" and it's very simple and classic.

So while all the other kids in the family will have on fancy Easter get-ups from Janie & Jack - Chico will be rocking this bunny costume. Because that's how we roll. And I love it.